What Are the Healthiest Types of Bread?

What Are the Healthiest Types of Bread?

It’s time for a lesson in bread. While you are at the supermarket, choose bread that is healthy for you. But what bread is the healthiest? Read through this article to find out which breads are the healthiest.

Multigrain Bread

Multigrain bread has fiber, protein, and micronutrients. Eating multigrain bread reduces the risk of multiple chronic diseases. However, it is tough to tell if the multigrain is whole or not. Make sure that it is not refined.

Oat Bread

Oat bread is healthy. Oats contain fiber. This type of bread is good for lowering cholesterol, steadying blood sugar, and decrease blood pressure.

Whole Wheat Bread

Most people tend to avoid whole wheat bread. Here’s something that you should know about. Whole wheat bread is great for your health. Whole wheat bread has nutrients, calcium, and phosphorus. Whole wheat helps with any health concerns.

Sourdough Bread

Here’s a bread that you may not know a lot about. It contains fiber, protein, and minerals. Sourdough bread is great for your health. It helps digestion, immune functions, and it adds to the daily dosage. Be aware that there is a variety of sourdough bread.

Flax Seed Bread

Have you ever heard of this bread? It’s time you did. Flax seed bread is highly nutritious. The seeds are high in fiber and have healthy polyunsaturated fats. The seeds have fiber, are gluten-free.

Eating this bread protects you from cancer and you will notice a healthy change in your heart. For anybody who has celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, this is the bread for you.

Sprouted Grain Bread

Sprouted grain bread contains vitamins, and minerals, and magnesium. Relatively, it is low in glycemic index. It is also high in protein. This bread helps process starch, lowering blood sugar.