How to Create Instagram Account without Phone Number

How to Create Instagram Account without Phone Number

Keeping up with the constant and somewhat unyielding pace of the advancement of technology today is something that can best be described as a herculean task, and that’s putting it mildly! You look away for what seems like a second and a new tech has been developed that transforms the landscape on an unimaginable scale. Still, there is not much to be done other than for you to do your best to keep up with the constant changes.

While keeping up with the latest in the world of technology can be a harrowing task, finding out what is what where social media and communication over the internet is concerned is considering easier. This is not to say that things are at a standstill here. In fact, the opposite is the case.

However, one thing that bears noting here is the fact that the developments here are much easier to use and relate with, considering the fact that to an extent, they relate almost directly with our everyday lives.

In the 21st century, many would argue that you can’t really talk social media platform if you don’t mention Instagram. Today, every Tom, Dick, and Harry is on Instagram. What is actually interesting to note here is the simple fact that in reality, there is actually a valid reason for this!

Why Use Instagram at All?

To start with, while getting an account on Instagram might seem like nothing more than going through the motions and doing it just because everyone else is, the fact remains that if you look closely enough, you are bound to discover that there is so much more to it than just that!

As a social media platform, Instagram has managed to succeed where so many of its counterparts have repeatedly failed because it brings something to the table that is almost impossible to rival. As an individual, organization or enterprise, you would be interest to note that there is no service that you have to offer or need you have that cannot be met in one way or the other on this platform.

Currently boasting millions of subscribers with even more signing up on the platform as each day passes, you have the opportunity to reach, gather and amass a following like no other on Instagram. What’s more, as the majority of the services that it has to offer you comes at no charge at all, there is no inhibits to how you can use this tool.

The Catch

While all might seem well in paradise, the sad truth is that you can only use this platform under certain set conditions. If you have tried signing up on the platform, you would have noticed that it is impossible to do so without parting with your phone number. This is used for the verification and as such, the creation of your account would not be complete without. However, the risk of invasion of privacy that this poses is not worth the risk.

The Alternative

Avoid parting with your contact information if you don’t want to by getting a virtual number for SMS here. With this resource at your disposal, you real phone number stays safe while a number you can use to receive the required verification code is created easily for you!