How to Create an Instagram Page for Your Business

How to Create an Instagram Page for Your Business

The digital space is exerting its influence on the world more and more with the advent and spread of each new technological innovation. The direct implication of this is that for people who do not acknowledge and embrace the revolution that these developments represent, there is that possibility that they might lose their place in the new future that is being shaped.

From all accounts Instagram started out as a simple platform where people could just post pictures and videos and move on afterwards. But today, there is zero doubt on anyone’s mind that this social media platform has evolved much further than that. For people who are able to tap into the vast resource that it holds, there is no doubt that Instagram can be a very powerful tool for increasing your bottom line.

How do you get started on tapping into the potential that this channel offers in such massive abundance? The first step is opening an account for your business on it!

How to Create a Business Account

Depending on the platform you will be accessing the social media platform predominantly from you might have to download an Android or iOS version of the app. Once you have done that successfully, you will be met with the “Create Account” option. Click on this and navigate to the menu bar and locate the settings function.

At the bottom of the menu there you will see the “Switch to Professional Account” feature. Click on this and select the “Business” option after that. From here, you will be prompted to provide some information about your business which you will need to supply.

After you have done this, you will be asked to connect your account to Facebook. Do this only if you feel you need to. Once you clear here, you’re all set and the only thing left is to ensure that you provide quality content on your account!