How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlights

How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlights

The beautiful thing about a lot of social media platforms today is that they have become somewhat more focused and specific, unlike how they used to appear when the ball just got rolling. Today, specific social media platforms will usually appeal to you more than others, especially if you have a very specific goal in mind for making use of them.

As an example, everybody knows that by far one of the best social media platforms for people who fancy and look forward to taking pictures and making videos is Instagram. The various special features of the platform make it most ideal for people who want to be seen and visible at all times. One of the tools that they have developed in recent times (relatively speaking, at least) is Instagram Highlights.

It is essentially a feature that embeds certain pictures and videos at the core of your profile until you feel it is time to remove them.

How to Check Your Instagram Highlights

Now, due to any number of reasons best known to you, at certain times, you might feel inclined to know a thing or two about certain metrics relating to your Highlights. This might include things like who exactly viewed what and when precisely that action transpired. At times such as these, all you have to do is open your Instagram profile, find the exact Highlight you want this information on. At a corner of your screen, you’ll notice the “Seen By” feature. Once you click on that, it will immediately present you with the data you seek.

What to Remember

While your highlights will remain in your profile for as long as you want, the data and information on the various parties who might have viewed it is something that you have access to for only a short time. This is to say that you have only a little period (48 hours) to see who viewed your Highlights or this particular metric resets again and starts from zero.

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