Airplane crew telling the passengers to turn off (or switch to airplane mode) their mobile devices is a common occurrence. Preventing anyone from using handheld and smart devices inside the plane is one of the core aviation international standards.

But do you know the exact reason/s why this is implemented? Why they bar you from using your laptops, mobile phones, and iPods 3,500 ft. above the ground?

  • Safety. Riding an airplane is the safest mode of transportation; however, if you forget the word ‘safety,’ all of you inside the plane is finish. The main reason why airplane crew will never allow a passenger to use a mobile phone is for security reasons. Remember that when you use your smartphones, you are playing with a multitude of frequencies and signals. 

If you cross borders and your device compromise the radar of the aircraft, this is a serious problem. You are not only putting yourself at high risk but all the people inside the plane. 

  • Respect. Some airplane companies have gone so far in coming up with innovations. And you can ride an airplane now wherein an in-flight WiFi system is available. It’s now possible to check your email and answer phone calls inside a spacecraft. But as a sign of respect, don’t take calls while you are in space. Just try to imagine how irritating it will be to hear somebody murmuring while you are crossing your fingers on air. Always remember that there are people who have medical conditions, and they need a calm environment while riding an airplane.
  • Focus. Another reason why airline stewardess will not allow you to use handheld devices is that they want to get your attention. They want all the passengers to listen, especially on the safety protocols and emergency maneuvers that will spare your life in times of unfortunate events.