The social web has been a great help for business owners, sellers, writers, and bloggers. If you are a writer or a blogger, this platform is effective in reaching a wider audience because almost all people are into social networking. But how can you maximize the use of this media platform in informing the digital community about your articles? Here are some things to take in consideration.


To catch your readers’ attention, write an entertaining topic. Also, write articles wherein readers can learn something.


It is better if your write-ups are in digital format, but if it is not possible, try converting it to PDFs. In this way, it is still easy to read.


If you have your website or blog, share your write-ups there. Others can read and share it using the link.


A single tweet can go a long mile. One tweet can notify your friends and retweets of your posts, can reach subsequent followers. Retweeting articles from others can also help you be engaged and well informed about different topics.


Posting a link on your page will notify your friends, and they can help you share it with their other friends also.


Your status update in your professional network can be your article link.


In Pinterest, you can request others to pin your articles, too.

Bookmarking Sites

You can request your readers to choose your articles in different bookmarking sites.

How to reach the social web:

  • Join online groups where you can instantly share your write-ups with the members.
  • Increase your circle of influence by adding friends and fans in your pages. More followers mean more readers and more chances of your article to be shared.
  • Consistency is the key. Share, post, and comment often to be recognized by your media followers.
  • Share your articles during times when a lot of people are online such as on weekdays and business hours.
  • When sharing your write-ups in the different media sites, do not forget to add an icon which readers can click quickly.