Not all people are aware that in every scientific milestone, an unsung hero is supporting the main cast- the citizen scientist. These are people that are employed to gather and analyze raw data from the woods to be used by scientists operating inside the lab. Indeed, the task of these people is crucial. Just one mistake from them and the entire result of an experiment is compromised. Now, if you want to be a citizen scientist soon, you must read the following story.

Roland Ascroft РA One of a Kind Citizen Scientist 

With his age of 63, almost nobody believes that Roland would still be interested in becoming a citizen scientist. But this old but strong man from New Brancepeth proved all the odds are wrong. Instead of lying on his bed day in and day out, he chose to become part of the European-based scientific venture dubbed as Doing It Together Science. Roland’s role is very critical in this project. He was tasked to take photographs of all the animals inhabiting the meadows and woods near Durham. 

According to him, he almost gave up on his first attempt. He said that after three weeks of painstakingly waiting for the images, his camera recorded nothing.

But Roland might be the ‘golden’ epitome of persistence. With his passion, he continued setting up remote cameras hoping that in the succeeding weeks, he would find interesting images.

He said that after a period of drought, his camera finally captured a single image of a roe deer. Roland noted that this first image ignited his determination to capture more images from the wild. He decided to install 20 more cameras. The said cameras already took 75,000 images of wild animals as of the press time.

Roland stressed that as long as he got the strength, he would always remain a citizen scientist.