3 Tips for Increasing Your Brand’s Instagram Followers

How to grow Instagram followers

As a marketing tool, social media has helped many businesses generate tons of revenue. It is almost unparalleled in its capacity to reach vast amounts of people in various locations.

As social media comes to play an increasingly greater role in how various marketing strategies are deployed, knowing how it works might be what determines whether or not your business turns a profit as well.

As far as social media marketing channels go today, none are quite as useful or as efficient as Instagram. This is because unlike many other social media marketing channels, the Instagram community is actually growing currently.

This makes it one of the most ideal places to meet, and ultimately convert your prospective customers. However, to be able to do this optimally, you must first know how to grow Instagram followers. This is highly crucial because without enough follows, you outreach and by extension results would be affected greatly.

So how do you grow Instagram followers and get the level of engagement you need? Find out below!

1. Get your Timing Right

On Instagram, the timing of your posts can significantly affect the results you end up see. You need to pick the ideal time to post so that your target audience can see it and valuable engagement can take place.

2. Be Creative with your Post

This is the best and quickest way to distinguish yourself and your brand from the hundreds of competitors on Instagram doing the exact same thing you’re doing.

Don’t let your posts be dull or absent of value and impact. Identify what your audience want to hear and bring it to them in a completely new and refreshing way.

3. Don’t Joke with Quality

Image quality and video resolution is everything on Instagram. Your videos and images must not be of average or poor quality. This might mean significantly investing in video gadgets. However, the ultimate payoff is certain to be worth it for your brand.

The more colorful and attractive your images and videos are, the more your target audience is drawn to it. Consequently, engagements and conversions become easier to achieve.

Growing your Instagram followers isn’t likely to be easy, at first. However, the more you engage in these practices, the easier it becomes for you. From there, you are able to more quickly identify practices that work best for you and build on those.