Believe it or not, the vehicle title is very important. Don’t lose that small piece of paper. Get your vehicle title replaced as soon as possible if you lose it.

The Definition of a Vehicle Title

For anyone who is a new driver, a vehicle title is is proof of ownership of your vehicle. The title lists your name as the legal owner of the vehicle. It also lists if take out a loan.

Safe Places to Keep Vehicle Title

Secure your vehicle title in a safe place. The glove compartment may not be the best place because everyone scrummages through there. Find a spot in your car or house.

Does it Take Long to Get a Vehicle Title?

The length of time varies in each state. Check your state requirements to prepare yourself when applying for a new car title. Some states provide you with a new title right away. Have patience during this time because you will need to wait a few weeks to get your title in the mail.

The Steps to Replacing a Vehicle Title

  • Step 1: Replacing a Vehicle Title in Your Name

If car entitlement is in your name, the local department of motor vehicles office to get you a replacement. Requirements differ within each state on what papers you need to have with you. At the DMV, present legal documents as proof. You’ll need to pay a small fee to purchase the replacement.

  • Step 2: Replacing a Vehicle Time Not in Your Name

If you did not have a title before the vehicle was transferred to you, you may be able to get a replacement. To get a replacement, track down the previous owner of the car. Or you can get a court order.