How to Play Games on an Old, Low-End PC

Shooting Games For Low-End PC

For many of us, gaming is life. There’s just no better way to put it. Sadly, while the various advancements in graphics and gameplay technology means we get better games now, it also means that those with old tech may not be able to enjoy these new developments.

But should the fact that we can’t cough up over a thousand large for more advanced systems stop us from playing games?

Of course not!

Provided you’re ready and willing to make a few simple tweaks, you can get all the gameplay action that you want, regardless of how old or low-spec your hardware is at the moment. That being said, you should know that there are various ways that you can go about this.

However, here, we’ll only be highlighting the simplest and most straightforward methods of approach you can take to get the best results.


Method 1 – Consider Lowering the Graphics Setting on Your PC

You would be simply amazed at the astounding number of shooting games for low-end PC and high-end PC that you can access simply by readjusting a few things in the graphics department.

If the overall gaming experience is what’s important to you and you don’t mind parting with just a tiny bit of graphics fidelity here and then, you can play a host of the newer games out there today!

How do you go about getting this done?

Simply run the games on the minimum requirements that they come with! You’ll need to readjust everything from the shadow detail down to the texture quality and even the anti-aliasing.

But after this, prepare to not leave your room for a few days!

Method 2 – Tweak the Config Files and Boost Performance Even More

The more low-end your PC is, the more effective this strategy will be for you! With the right tweaks made to your config files, you can really transform how the system operates.

Because this can be a very technical thing to do, you’ll be very pleased to know that there are a few ways you can handle it. If you consider yourself handsy, all you need to do is hop on YouTube to see a video on how to manually configure your config files.

But if you’d rather not do all that hard work yourself, you can use some great tools like Low Spec Experience to get the job done for you with a few clicks of the button.

Method 3 – Get Into Streaming Games Online

Perhaps the easiest way around this issue yet, you can simply opt to stream games over the Internet. This works perfectly because the game will use the server hardware more than it’ll use your PC specs. However, the price you pay for this is a slight lag in game time.

To minimize that though, you can try to get the Nvidia GeForce Now. While it isn’t the easiest service to lay your hands on at the moment, getting it will prove well worth the effort!